NATO ARW:Vortex Dynamics in High-Temperature Superconductors

Key Speakers

All participants will be arriving at the Airport "Tashkent" in Tashkent (please, inform us about your ticket reservation, so that we can find you easier). We will make arrangements for some members of the Organizing Committee, to meet the participants when they emerge from customs at the airport and escort them to a car to take them to the Institute of Applied Physics, where the opening ceremony will take place. If they can not find the persons, they can go to the Airport information desk and ask them about the workshop, or phone to the Organizing Committee. Our telephone numbers (in Tashkent) are:
Office: 46-15-73
Secretary: 46-48-01

After the opening ceremony all the participants will be accompanied to the Villa "Chotkol", where the workshop will be continued. The arrangements had been made with the Institute of Applied Physics in Tashkent to provide us with necessary transport. The participants would not have to look for transport to go to the Villa (there are no direct transport routes, the existing bus routes are complicated and not very suitable for persons not familiar with local language and customs). Also there is a possibility to organize visits to Tashkent during the workshop.